Do you have any special offers?

If you need storage for 1 year (or even longer!), you can pay upfront for 12 months and we will give you the 13th month free – a savings of up to $168.00!!

For larger storage needs, we are happy to negotiate a deal for multiple storage sheds.

Do you sell boxes and packaging materials?

Yes – please see our Prices page for details.

What about furniture removals?

We are happy to recommend a local removalist: Rose City Removals. You can call them on 07 4661 5888 or visit them online at www.rosecityremovals.com.au – they will be happy to give you a quote.

Why are your sheds better?

  • Our sheds are built on high ground, so are highly unlikely to flood
  • Our sheds have an insulated roof, so not only are they cooler – there are no drips from condensation on to your furniture and goods
  • The facility has security surveillance cameras for your peace of mind
  • You will get a unique code for keypad entry and exit at the facility gate
  • You buy a padlock and keep the keys yourself – this means that no one else has a key to your shed!